Isn’t it always exciting to play realistic games on our iPhone? There are a whole lot of them waiting to be played. New games get added everyday to the App Store in iTunes and what’s more they are free! Is there any reason then, not to download these games and have a whole lot of fun? Take a look at some of the latest action games made available for your iPhone.

Awesome graphics and fantastic concepts come together to create an amazing set of games that will keep you occupied no matter where you are. Here’s a look at some of these cool new apps for your iPhone.

Waterslide : Don’t we all love the adrenalin rush when we race down waterslides in water parks? Here’s a cool way to relieve your boredom as you do just that but on your iPhone! Yes, in this cool game you can speed down various different water slides across nine stages where the background changes from city scapes, bright daytime views and cool night time options. The objective of the game is to finish the slide before the time runs out and you can twist and tilt your iPhone to steer yourself across the slides. But you have to watch out for the steep edges and some surprises on the way! Change from first person to third person views and male or female player.

Rope Fly Lite: Become a virtual superhero through this addictive game. In this game you have to use ropes to jump from one building to another and also through skyscrapers. The rope is within your control and the moment you touch the building, your rope gets thrown over it. Another touch and lo and behold the rope gets released! Be agile and gain momentum for the game measures the distance you can cover before you fall and disintegrate! Compare your performance with others online.

Paper Toss: Here’s a game dedicated to all you office goers who have at some time or the other tossed crumpled pieces of paper into the waste paper basket to see whose aim is accurate. Now, you no longer have to wait for the boss to go before you can start playing this game because Paper Toss lets you do just that on your iPhone. Download this free app and get busy as you aim to hit the basket. Sound effects and cool graphics make this game even more fun and addictive. There are three levels of difficulty and an online score board lets you see who is best at killing time.

Glyder Free: Be the knight in shining armour with this action packed game! Eryn, the heroine is trapped in a weird world and has only her glider to steer her across the place. The ambience created is that of the picturesque and tranquil Rift Valley where she has to collect crystals and fight her enemies. As she voyages along she performs some fantastic manoeuvres like diving and soaring into the sky. The game ends with you being able to unlock a portal home.