Most likely your iPhone has been with you through thick and thin, and has spent the last one to three years permanently in your pocket – so it’s a big paradigm shift saying goodbye. However if you’re upgrading to say an iPhone 4, then the change will be more than worth it and you’ll get a lot more for your money. This will include a faster connection, a better camera, a compass (if your iPhone was pre-3gs), a larger hard drive, more RAM, a better processor, more functional apps, a nicer screen and loads more.

Likewise you might just be planning to swap for another phone because you have a crack or an otherwise broken iPhone. If you do have a broken one though, then you should try to get repairs in order to have it back to working order. Maybe with repairs you don’t need to upgrade and can save yourself a lot of money.

However if you still want to upgrade then you can get a lot more money for your phone by selling it without a broken screen. If you can get cheap iPhone repair, then this will turn out to be an investment as it should drive up your profit significantly enough to pay for itself and still earn you more profit.

If you were likely to get $50 for a cracked iPhone, you might be able to get it repaired for around $100 and still sell it on for $250. This is especially true of course for the later models which still get a lot of money for selling. It’s a bit of effort, but for $100 or more it’s certainly worth it.

To sell your iPhone there are many things you can do. Many shops, for instance, will exchange electronic items for money and this way you can trade your old items in quickly and relatively hassle free. They’ll have a set price that they’ll pay for an operational iPhone, so you won’t get swindled.

At the same time, you can sell your phone and buy a new one from the same store, and they might give you a reduction in this case due to the fact that you’ll be giving the money straight back to them.

Another similar option is to send your phone in to a website and there are many online companies that buy and sell phones. Simply package it and send it away to the provided address and you should receive a cheque in the post. This is another easy method of selling but you may earn less money as a result and it’s also got an element of trust involved – and of luck in hoping your phone doesn’t go missing in the post.