If you have an old iPhone then you will likely have stuffed it into the back of a drawer somewhere along with your other old gadgets and bits and pieces. Probably it is now living amongs your Nokia 3210 and maybe some old Samsung flip phone, and these are probably knocking shoulders with staplers, stamps, old foreign coins and your passport.

This is particularly the case if you have a broken iPhone and you are no longer able to use it at all – the fact that it’s electrical waste prohibits you from throwing it away and a mixture of happy memories and the fact that it cost so much to purchase in the first place will mean that you can’t stand to get rid of it anyway. However if its life-cycle is like that of any of the other items to typically get condemned to the drawer then you will likely pull it out in two years time only to finally throw it in the trash anyway.

The iPhone though is much more than just a phone and is more a PDA mixed with a tablet computer. Just because you have a new gadget for taking calls then, and perhaps a new phone contract, does not mean that there is no longer any use for your iPhone. In fact, the iPad that has been sweeping the globe is just an iPhone with a large screen and no internet connection. Connect your iPhone to a better video output, and immediately you have given yourself basically an iPad.

The first thing to do with an old iPhone, or one that has had recent repair, is to use it on your wireless connection. Using this you can still play all of the fun games that can be downloaded from the App Store and that includes things like the recently released Sonic 4. Similarly you can connect to the internet and use it just as a web browser.

An iPhone also makes a great e-reader so you can use the connection to download books and to read them on the go. If you’re into your comics then you can download the great Marvel Application and read comics this way instead.

Of course you might have other devices such as an iPad to do all these things. But again it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get iPhone repair, for example, just because you can do all of these things does not mean that everyone else can. If you want to give someone a great and highly generous present then, why not give them your iPhone after you have repaired it so that they can play the apps and make use of the internet themselves?

Finally of course you can always sell your iPhone and this way make a tidy sum. In fact if you sell your iPhone to a friend or on eBay you are likely to make a lot more than the cost of fixing a broken iPhone, so if you have a cracked the screen it is still worth trying to get it fixed so you’ll be able to sell it.