In the modern era technology has got something new to offer every year. But there is one strange fact about it. As you find new gadgets and technologies coming up, some of the old keep disappearing as well.

Being a man of fifty and a staunch follower of technology right from my childhood, I feel sorry to see some of my favorite gadgets go away. I was surfing on my new ATT Uverse Internet and was enjoying its consistent speed when I came across a piece of article that took me back to my olden days. They were golden days. Where are all the gadgets I used then?

Let me just take you through some of my beloved gadgets of the past.

The Typewriter

I was 14 when my father presented me with a brand new typewriter. It might sound absurd to you. But the noise it made, the stress it gave to my fingers, the unique universal font it used with two different colors; I just loved it all.

The fast computers of today give me such a lot of options, that I often get confused and waste time on choosing them. Simplicity is the best.

The Cassettes

I remember those days, as a kid, I played with the cassettes. I took out the thin film from it, put it round my neck and played with them. Later when I realized that it would spoil the thing from functioning, I stopped it. But then those were unforgettable times when I enjoyed nursery rhymes and some sweet songs too. I still remember peeping through the small transparent opener on the tape-recorder and watching the cassette run while the music was on.

The VCRs and the VCPs

Those were days when dad was back from work to find his son expecting a video cassette in his hand every day. Yes, the video cassette would mean a chance to watch a movie.

Fax Machine

Computers, internets and emails have washed away the use of fax machines. They were used more for official purposes in the past. Personally, I have never used a fax machine, but I am sorry to see it go. I have been with it in my father’s office cabin, quite a number of times and now it is a pain to know that they would no more be with us.

The use of paper, pen, phonebook, encyclopedia and other books

With computer and internet offering you everything at your seat, one has to get rid of most of his stationary items like the pen, paper, pencil, eraser, sharpener, whitener and so many other things that you might have used as a kid. And the best reference books, study materials and encyclopedias, they are all rare today.

The CDs / The floppies

The cassettes gave way to the CDs, one would have expected them (the CDs) to exist for a while but that is not the case. Giving way to the pen drives and DVDs, the CDs are also on the verge of being obsolete. What a pity! Very short life!

The floppies come under the same category as well.

Face-to-face, Eye-to-eye

Well, it does not stop with the gadgets alone. The role of social media is a big time change in the attitude of people. Everyone seems to prefer the social media. There is a lack of direct contact, phone talk, eye-to-eye contact and face-to-face involvement.

How strange is the fact that like human beings, technology and gadgets have life and death as well? Like human lives, it is very sorry and painful to see them disappear!!