The world of online marketing is a really cool one, ripe with opportunities for anyone who believes that a business can be grown from scratch when the message is delivered the right way. With so much stuff to manage and learn, the world of online marketing is also a truly complex one that can sometimes easily overwhelm even those that are really into it.

That is the reason why we have decided to create a nice list of tools and services that can be used to better leverage your LinkedIn advertising resources.

Using these services alongside LinkedIn’s own advertising platform can teach you a lot about how much better LinkedIn ads can work when paired with one of the following premium services:


This is a LinkedIn ads management platform that will allow you to easily manage your campaigns across multiple networks from a single place. It’s a streamlined and complete campaign management solution for delivering your LinkedIn sponsored content and text ads.

It will help you to save time by letting you create and manage multiple campaigns on several ad networks at the same time. It will automate the most repetitive tasks in your workflow and will create reports for you to access the right metrics for every channel that you desire to measure.

With Adstage you will be able to create automated rules and alerts to monitor and drive the performance of your ad campaigns. You will be able to access and test all your sponsored content from one app and see which performs best for driving more qualified traffic, and you will also be able to track every one of your ads with only one conversion tracking code.

As you can see, Adstage offers you a variety of features not present on the LinkedIn Advertising platform, and you can start using it with a free trial, which you can later update to any of the available plans: starter, standard or professional!

Marketing Mojo

“Marketing Mojo” offers a “LinkedIn Advertising Management Service” as part of its “social media online advertising services”. It was created because Marketing Mojo realized that advertising based on search results did not drive qualified ads to acquire enterprise level products.

The key to how this social media online advertising service works lies in the extensive knowledge that the social media account management teams at “marketing mojo” has acquired through the continued use of social media platforms for driving successful marketing campaigns for many clients.

Marketing Mojo’s linked advertising management service includes:

  • Strategic alignment and goal development of campaigns
  • Initial setup
  • Research and targeting creation
  • Development of creative copy
  • Constant optimization and management
  • Regular reporting and communication with client

Social media advertising services can be purchased on demand depending on your needs:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Online advertising
  • Analytics consulting
  • SEO and PPC audits


This is a company that offers behavioral analytics to drive growth. They do it by tracking and analyzing customer behavior to turn more of your visitors into customers. They will help you to increase conversions, drive retention and fuel growth across web and mobile platforms.

Some of the best resources made available to you from the beginning include “click to track” for setting up analytics without you having to write a single line of code, “implementation” so you don’t have to do it yourself and easy “integration” for integrating kissmetrics with all the apps and platforms that you use.

This service is available through three plans: “self-service”, “growth” and “power”. You can take a look at their “how to track the ROI of your online advertising campaigns” guide to better understand what they can do for you!

Hootsuite Enterprise

Hootsuite is one of the most popular social media management services around, and they have an enterprising solution that can be used alongside LinkedIn ads to drive better performance called “hootsuite enterprise”.

It’s a great tool that will help you to better understand your audience by:

  • Capturing the social analytics that matter most to you
  • Proving your social ROI
  • Spotting social engagement opportunities quickly
  • Gathering crucial data from over 100 million sources and 26 platforms

It will also protect your organization’s reputation with enterprise level security features and it will enable you to manage teams and tasks even in the most complex of organizational environments.

LinkedIn Recruiter

“Recruiter” is a LinkedIn product that will grant you unlimited access to the largest professional network in the world. By using LinkedIn’s recruiter you will be able to view the full profiles and professional bios in the entire LinkedIn network, and it is also available on mobile to so on the go.

Right now your question might be “how do I take advantage of it for a marketing campaign?”, well, you can use it to learn more about the most elusive but exclusive LinkedIn members and pool their data to create a likewise exclusive audience!

HubSpot Ads

“Hubspot ads” is an all in one solution to manage your social media ads and one that can easily be integrated with LinkedIn to run your LinkedIn ads campaigns. You can use it to drive both native ads and inbound campaigns, to automatically calculate conversions and return on investment.

You can create your own ads inside Hubspot. You can track your automatic conversions and optimize your campaigns with confidence. You can try Hubspot for 30 days and see how it helps you to get more traffic, get more leads and get more customers!

Newscred Software

The “newscred software” is a platform created to help you drive content marketing ventures the right way. It has helped several large brands to manage content creation, distribution and measurement on a single platform by leading them through planning, creating, publishing and measurement.

Some of its excellent features include:

  • Marketing calendar and task management
  • Long-form content and editing tools
  • Integrations and data consolidation
  • Analytics dashboard and process reporting

Newscred is part of LinkedIn’s “custom apps partners” and will easily integrate with your LinkedIn ads campaigns. You have to contact them in order to get pricing for any of its platforms.