Go Pro HD Hero Cameras have been developed for professional use, but have prices which would suit the layman. They are capable of taking full-length videos of a quality that would rival any other expensive wearable camera. With this series, the future of HD wearable cameras is already here, high resolutions, huge storage and an unbeatable number of frames per second are some of the product highlights.

The cameras offer you three different HD resolutions. With three options, you can take the best videos in any mode for any kind of activity. 1080p, 960p, 720p all have their own specialities and there is no aspect of any sport which cannot be covered by any of these resolutions.

Go Pro s HD Surf Hero is the world s only 1080p onboard video and still camera. It is very light and can easily be attached to any surfboard, without any loss of balance. Professional surf boarders have used these cameras with ease. The batteries last for 2.5 hours and the camera can take still images every 2 seconds, thereby giving you a series of images through the entire surf. It can also be attached to your wrist for taking videos and photos of other activities.

The HD Motorsports Hero can be easily attached to any helmet, car, ATV, plane, motorbike and other such transport. The special quick release mounting design makes it easy for you to remove it and place it somewhere else so that you can capture videos and images from every angle. The sound quality is so superb that even at 85mph on a motorbike, you will be able to hear the sound of the motorbike and not of the road around you.

HD Helmet Hero comes with mounts for up to three helmets, as well as a head strap so that you can attach it to your head as a headband. It is compatible with all the other Go Pro Hero Cameras, so that you can expand the capacity and the functionality of the camera to suit other activities.

HD Hero Naked can shoot 5 megapixel photos at 2 second to 60 second intervals during any activity. Once the shutter is pressed it can continue taking fabulous pictures up to 2.5 hours. A mount that can help you attach the camera to any curved surface is included, and also included is the special housing which will protect your camera from hostile weather.